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This module adds a ClearLag Manager to your existing copy of SpigotEssentials.

Commands & Permissions

# Name Syntax Aliases Description Permissions Permission Pack Since Notes
001 /clearlag /clearlag <Argument> None Main command None None 1.0.0 None


These are the arguments available after typing /clearlag:

# Name Additional Arguments Aliases Description Permissions Permission Pack Since Notes
001 help None None Displays the help page None None 1.0.0 None
002 version None v Version output None None 1.0.0 None
003 info None None Displays information about the last ClearLag command.clearlag.info GENERAL 1.0.0 None
004 start None None Start the automated ClearLag Scheduler command.clearlag.start MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None
005 stop None None Stop the automated ClearLag Scheduler command.clearlag.stop MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None
006 clear None None Force a clear. Re-schedules Timer if automated clearing is enabled command.clearlag.clear MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None


Key Default Value Description Since Type Notes
automated-clear.enabled true Should the ClearLag be automated? 1.0.0 boolean None
automated-clear.timer 600 The time in seconds after a ClearLag clears 1.0.0 Integer None
automated-clear.clear.monsters false Should monsters be cleared? 1.0.0 boolean None
automated-clear.clear.animals false Should animals be cleared? 1.0.0 boolean None
automated-clear.clear.villager false Should villagers be cleared? 1.0.0 boolean None
automated-clear.clear.items true Should items on the ground be cleared? 1.0.0 boolean None
only-clear-entities-without-nametags true Should we only kill entities that do not have a custom name (NameTag) applied to them? 1.0.0 boolean None