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This plugin adds useful features to any server.

Commands & Permissions

{} - Required argument

[] - Optional argument

Permissions always start with SpigotEssentials.<Permission> - Replace <Permission> with text found in the table below.

Permission packs can be used to grant players access to all commands with that pack. Permissions: SpigotEssentials.permissionpack.<Permission Pack>. Available packs:

# Name Syntax Aliases Description Permissions Permission Pack Since Notes Module
001 /adminshop /adminshop /as, /ashop Open the AdminShop GUI command.adminshop GENERAL PLANNED None AdminShop
002 /afk /afk None Toggles AFK mode command.afk GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
003 /ban /ban <Player> <Type> [Reason] None Ban a player command.ban MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
004 /chatclear /chatclear /cc Clear the local chat command.chatclear MODERATIVE PLANNED See bypasses ChatManager
005 /check /check <Player> None Check a player's punishment history command.check MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
006 /clear /clear [Player] None Clear a player's inventory command.clear.self




1.0.0 See bypasses None
007 /clearlag /clearlag [Argument] None ClearLag Management See Module Description See Module Description 1.0.0 None ClearLag
008 /delhome /delhome <Name> None Delete a home command.delhome GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
009 /delwarp /delwarp <Name> None Delete a warp command.delwarp MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None None
010 /enderchest /enderchest [Name] /ec Open someone's EnderChest command.enderchest.self






1.0.0 None View permission is required to edit
011 /essentials /essentials /spigotessentials Version output None None 1.0.0 None None
012 /feed /feed [Player] None Feed someone command.feed.self




1.0.0 None None
013 /fly /fly [Player] None Toggle flight mode command.fly.self




1.0.0 None None
014 /gamemode /gamemode <GameMode> [Player] /gm Toggle gamemode command.gamemode.self




1.0.0 None None
015 /globalmute /globalmute /gmute Toggle globalmute command.globalmute MODERATIVE PLANNED See bypasses ChatManager
016 /hat /hat None Set the item in your main hand on your hat command.hat DONATOR 1.0.0 None None
017 /heal /heal [Player] None Heal a player command.heal.self




1.0.0 None None
018 /home /home [Home] None Open the GUI or directly teleport command.home GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
019 /invsee /invsee [Player] None Open a player's inventory command.invsee.view




1.0.0 None View permission is required to edit
020 /kick /kick <Player> [Reason] None Kick a player command.kick MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
021 /kit /kit /kits Open the Kit GUI command.kit.open




022 /lastdeath /lastdeath None Shows your last death location command.lastdeath DONATOR 1.0.0 None None
023 /list /list None List all online players command.list GENERAL


1.0.0 See other permissions None
024 /motd /motd <Text> None Change the server's MOTD command.motd ADMINISTRATIVE 1.0.0 None None
025 /msg /msg <Player> <Message> /tell





Send a private message command.msg GENERAL PLANNED None PrivateMessage
026 /no /no /nein Vote No on the current survey command.no GENERAL 1.0.0 None Survey
027 /notify /notify None Toggle notifications command.notify MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None None
028 /playeradsign /playeradsign /pas PAS-Management command.playeradsign GENERAL PLANNED None PlayerAdSigns
029 /playtime /playtime [Player] /ontime


Track a players playtime command.playtime.self




PLANNED None PlayTime
030 /reply /reply <Message> /r Reply to a private message command.reply GENERAL PLANNED None PrivateMessage
031 /report /report <Player> <Reason> None Report a player command.report GENERAL PLANNED None BanManager
032 /restoreinventory /restoreinventory <Player> /restoreinv


Restore a cached inventory command.restoreinventory MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None InventoryCache
033 /sethome /sethome <Name> None Set a home command.sethome GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
034 /setspawn /setspawn None Set the spawn command.setspawn ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED None Spawn
035 /setwarp /setwarp <Name> None Set a warp command.setwarp MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None None
036 /skull /skull [Player] /head Get a player's skull command.skull.self




1.0.0 None None
037 /slots /slots <Amount> None Set the max player limit command.slots ADMINISTRATIVE 1.0.0 See bypasses None
038 /spawn /spawn None Teleport to spawn command.spawn GENERAL PLANNED None Spawn
039 /survey /survey <Question> /umfrage Create a new survey command.survey DONATOR 1.0.0 None Survey
040 /teamchat /teamchat <Message> /tc



Send a message to the staff command.teamchat MODERATIVE PLANNED None ChatManager
041 /team /team /teamlist



List the staff command.team GENERAL PLANNED None Teamlist
042 /tpaccept /tpaccept <Player> None Accept a teleport request command.tpaccept GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
043 /tp /tp <Player> [Player] None Teleport to a player command.tp.self




1.0.0 None None
044 /tpa /tpa <Player /tprequest, /tpr Send a teleport request command.tpa GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
045 /tpdeny /tpdeny <Player> /tpdecline Decline a teleport request command.tpdeny GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
046 /tutorial /tutorial None Tutorial Management command.tutorial GENERAL PLANNED None Tutorial
047 /unban /unban <Player> <Type> [Reason] None Unban a player command.unban MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
048 /vanish /vanish None Toggle vanish command.vanish MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None None
049 /vote /vote None Display the vote link command.vote GENERAL PLANNED None Vote
050 /voteparty /voteparty





None VoteParty Management command.voteparty.info








051 /warp /warp [Warp] None Open the GUI or directly teleport command.warp GENERAL 1.0.0 None None
052 /workbench /workbench /wb Open a virtual workbench command.workbench DONATOR 1.0.0 None None
053 /yes /yes /ja Vote Yes on the current survey command.yes GENERAL 1.0.0 None Survey

Planned Commands

# Name Syntax Aliases Description Permissions Permission Pack Since Notes Module
001 /playermissions /playermissions None Open the PlayerMissions GUI command.playermissions GENERAL PLANNED None PlayerMissions
002 /warn /warn <Player> <Reason> None Warn a player command.warn MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
003 /etable /etable None Open a virtual enchanting table command.etable DONATOR PLANNED None None
004 /giveall /giveall <Item> <Amount> None Grant a certain item to all players command.giveall MODERATIVE PLANNED None None
005 /viewamor /viewarmor [Player] /va Look up a player's armor command.viewarmor DONATOR PLANNED None None
006 /serverrestart /serverrestart <start/cancel> /srestart Restart the server with a delay command.serverrestart ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED Server shutdown None
007 /kickall /kickall None Kick all players from the server command.kickall MODERATIVE PLANNED See bypasses BanManager
008 /socialspy /socialspy None View private messages command.socialspy MODERATIVE PLANNED None PrivateMessage
009 /tpall /tpall None Teleport all players to you command.tpall MODERATIVE PLANNED None None
010 /jail /jail <Player> None Jail a player command.jail MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
011 /unjail /unjail <Player> None Set a player free command.unjail MODERATIVE PLANNED None BanManager
012 /maintenance /maintenance None Toggle maintenance mode command.maintenance ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED See bypasses None
013 /playerwarp /playerwarp None Main command None None PLANNED None PlayerWarps
014 /speed /speed <1-10> None Toggle walk/flight speed command.speed ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED None None
015 /sign /sign None Sign an item command.sign DONATOR PLANNED None None


# Module Name Description Permissions Permission Pack Since Notes
001 ChatManager ChatClear Your chat won't be cleared bypass.chat.chatclear MODERATIVE PLANNED None
002 ChatManager Globalmute Type while globalmute is active bypass.chat.globalmute MODERATIVE PLANNED None
003 ChatManager Spam Cooldown Ignore the spam cooldown bypass.chat.flag.spam DONATOR PLANNED None
004 ChatManager Caps Ignore the caps limitation bypass.chat.flag.caps MODERATIVE PLANNED None
005 ChatManager Advertising Ignore the Advertising flag bypass.chat.flag.advertising ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED None
006 ChatManager Insult Ignore the Insulting flag bypass.chat.flag.insult ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED None
007 ChatManager Hate-Speech Ignore the Hate-Speech flag bypass.chat.flag.hate_speech ADMINISTRATIVE PLANNED None
008 BanManager Ban You can't be banned bypass.ban.ban MODERATIVE PLANNED None
009 BanManager Mute You can't be muted bypass.ban.mute MODERATIVE PLANNED None
010 BanManager Warn You can't be warned bypass.ban.warn MODERATIVE PLANNED None
011 BanManager Jail You can't be jailed bypass.ban.jail MODERATIVE PLANNED None
012 BanManager Report You can't be reported bypass.ban.report MODERATIVE PLANNED None
013 None Clear Your inventory can't be cleared bypass.inventory.clear MODERATIVE 1.0.0 None
014 BanManager Kickall You won't be kicked bypass.ban.kickall MODERATIVE PLANNED None
015 None Maintenance Join while maintenance is active bypass.join.maintenance MODERATIVE PLANNED None
016 None Slots Join the full server bypass.join.slots DONATOR PLANNED None
017 Spawn Waiting timer Bypass waiting timer bypass.teleport.timer.spawn DONATOR PLANNED None
018 PlayerWarps Economy Allows the creation of warps without having to pay bypass.playerwarps.economy None PLANNED None
019 PlayerWarps Warp Limit Allows the creation of warps even if you have exceeded your limit bypass.playerwarps.limit.warp None PLANNED None
020 PlayerWarps Time Limit Your warps won't be deleted after exceeding the time limit bypass.playerwarps.limit.time None PLANNED None

Other Permissions

# Name Description Permissions Permission Pack Since Notes Module
001 Staff Notify Receive staff notifications such as ban broadcasts or reports SpigotEssentials.notify MODERATIVE 1.0.0 Can be toggled None
002 Vanish See vanished players SpigotEssentials.see.vanish MODERATIVE 1.0.0 + in commands:



003 Maximum How much you can have at max from something SpigotEssentials.max.<>.<> None 1.0.0 Example: SpigotEssentials.max.home.admin None
004 ChatColor Allows you to chat with ColorCodes (&) SpigotEssentials.chat.color DONATOR PLANNED None ChatManager
005 SignColor Allows you to use ColorCodes (&) on signs SpigotEssentials.sign.color DONATOR PLANNED None None


Key Default Value Description Since Type Notes
broadcast-afk true Should the toggle of AFK mode be broadcasted? 1.0.0 boolean None
join-messages true Should join messages be enabled? 1.0.0 boolean None
quit-messages true Should quit messages be enabled? 1.0.0 boolean None
max-offline-messages-history-size 30 Maximum amount of offline messages stored for a player 1.0.0 Integer None
clear-remove-armor false Should armor be removed on inventory clear using /clear? 1.0.0 boolean None
prefix &7[&aEssentials&7] &f The prefix used on sending messages 1.0.0 String None
send-prefix-with-messages true If the prefix should be attached to every message sent 1.0.0 boolean None
slots 32 The maximum amount of players able to join 1.0.0 Integer See bypasses
motd.1 &a&lPEIRLEITNER.AT The MOTD for line 1 1.0.0 String None
motd.2 &8> &7Default MOTD by &aSpigotEssentials The MOTD for line 2 1.0.0 String None
layout.home GUI The Layout that should be used for Homes 1.0.0 String GUI / LIST
max-amount.home admin: 10, mod: 5, donator: 3, default: 1 How many homes should you be allowed to have at max? 1.0.0 Integer None
teleportRequest-timeout 5 The time in minutes after a TeleportRequest should expire 1.0.0 Integer None


The plugins listed below will only work once SpigotEssentials is installed. They add features towards your existing copy of SpigotEssentials.

# Name Description Released Current version Notes Download
001 SpigotEssentials-BanManager Kicks, Warns, Mutes, Bans, Reports, ... PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
002 SpigotEssentials-ChatManager Filter chat messages such as Advertisements, Spam, Insulting, ... PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
003 SpigotEssentials-AdminShop Create an AdminShop that can be used via a GUI PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
004 SpigotEssentials-Kits Create and manage Kits PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
005 SpigotEssentials-PlayerMissions Let your users create missions for other players PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
006 SpigotEssentials-Auctions Let your users create and manage their own auctions PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
007 SpigotEssentials-ClearLag Clear monsters, items and other stuff in a set period 25th July, 2021 1.0.0 None Download here
008 SpigotEssentials-PrivateMessage Let your users send private messages PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
009 SpigotEssentials-PlayerAdSigns Let your users create and manage their own advertisements PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
010 SpigotEssentials-PlayerWarps Let your users create and manage their own warps PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
011 SpigotEssentials-Spawn Adds /setspawn and /spawn PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
012 SpigotEssentials-Tutorial Create and manage tutorials PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
013 SpigotEssentials-PlayTime Track a player's playtime 25th July, 2021 1.0.0 None Download here
014 SpigotEssentials-CommandCreator Create commands like /help, /rules, /teamspeak, ... PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
015 SpigotEssentials-Teamlist List the staff with /team or /staff PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
016 SpigotEssentials-Vote Add /vote and VoteParties PLANNED PLANNED None Download here
017 SpigotEssentials-Survey Add Surveys to your server 24th July, 2021 1.0.0-CorrectVersion None Download here
018 SpigotEssentials-InventoryCache Cache inventories to restore on death 25th July, 2021 1.0.0 None Download here



# Name Description Cancellable Since Notes Module
001 ChatFlagEvent Called when a message is flagged Yes PLANNED None ChatManager
002 KitCreateEvent Called when trying to create a new Kit Yes PLANNED None Kits
003 KitDeleteEvent Called when trying to delete a Kit Yes PLANNED None Kits
004 KitToggleEvent Called when trying to enable or disable a Kit Yes PLANNED None Kits
005 KitReceiveEvent Called when receiving a Kit Yes PLANNED None Kits
006 SurveyCreateEvent Called when creating a new survey Yes 1.0.0 None Survey
007 SurveyVoteEvent Called when voting on a survey Yes 1.0.0 VoteResult returns the value of the Vote (YES, NO) Survey
008 SurveyEndEvent Called when the survey ends No 1.0.0 None Survey